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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good wednesday everybody. it's 6:00 today should be sub sunny and seasonal with mid to upper 50s we like the sun. we koabt like rain. ad dlaiz the forecast. >> donald trump are is facing battery charges in an altercation with a reporter but not stopping donald from substantial doubting by his top aid. >> from brooklyn not happy today a six alarm fire tore through houses there in bushwick. 11 injured including one firefighter. trchght thieves disguised as apple workers made off with dozens of iphones at the apple store on upper west side. store has been had targeted at least two separate times now. wool tell you more about what happened. get this over quickly. so gate --
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and i was leaving the studio, the photographer. >> famous plug he's awesome. but i was walking in the middle of the broad daylight. and all of a sudden i feel like my arm gets lighter buts it was like no, being deal. and this guy in a delivery cab thank you whoever you are, pull it is aside he says you dropped some stuff. i go oh, this was over the course of five second. thanks i say i'll get it. no some lady took it and ran off. >> my pants -- like pair of pants. >> some lady took your pants. >> expensive that i bought for a trip. yeah i put a lot of money into these things. took my pants. >> gone in a second. >> literally you know me, i -- you know. got road ragey sidewalk ragey
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everything else started falling and i didn't want to lose it. >> just disappeared. >> can you believe that? j say thank you so much. oh, and wonderful good deed. no, no they took it. : it's gone. >> it was so quick. but i did see like kind of my right side below my bum i did see this flash of like a sand colored or beige dress. [laughter] i'll find you lady. let me tell you. >> audrey good morning. >> on my list. >> that was worth the wait. for sure all right folks if you're out there waiting for bus stop this morning make sure kitties are bundled up because it is cooler than at the bus stop yesterday. temperatures in the 20s 30s and plenty of sunshine later this amp.
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humidity and dew point relatively dry. pressure is rising indicating us that high pressure moved in and dominating the weather. temperature readings motionly in the 30s with 20s and 40s to nation capitol. high pressure is keeping us nigh and dry to start off our day. staying with us throughout the day and thursday allow this system to the west to make fits way into our region. that's the one that will bring us a chance of rain and looks look it will be or here for friday. so far for the month above normal with average temperature is running about 6 and a half degrees above normal. warmst day on ten with 79 that was the coldest day and beginning of the month on the third with 26. sunny skies. temperatures are in middle to u upper 50s. in 60s tomorrow. 60s again on friday. but we are going to need our umbrella handy by then. let's see the morning commute and head over to ines.
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so we have a k. problem spots. start off with westchester by sprain brook parkway there's an accident blocking a enplan a new jersey route 9 watch out for an accident by king george post road with an earlier accident now closed due to repairs. as far as 287 that's going fine. l.i.i. by hawkins avenue no problem. jfk pretty good to leopards boulevard westbound. watch out for unauthorized tractor trailer blocking a lane. trains are running on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> gold -- we'll find out. messed up. keep an eye out. thank you very much iendz. 2016 race or for the white house has taken a bizarre turn as donald trump top aid is now charged with battery. >> campaign manager cory accused of grabbing and bruising a
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by him despite those charming's. robert moses here now with or more on this. >> so far any and all controversies have simply rolled off trump and his campaign with no adverse effects. you can see the video of that incident playings just behind me. we'll see if this is any different. focused on tail of this taupe from a trump property on march 8th and releaseed in jupiter, florida showing cory grabbing michelle fields who at the time was a reporter bright bart news that contradicts the tweet from march 11th in which he wrote michelle fields you are delusional. i never tusmed you. as a matter of fact, i have never even met you. fields tweeted a picture of bruises that she says lune dodowski caused and charged with battery.
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>> i see virtually nothing and destroy a man's life over this. trump dismissed fields. >> i hope she's not a baby. said fields was out of line. >> the news conference was over. it was done, it was finished, and she was running up and grabbing questions she wasn't supposed to be doing that. i told him you should never settle this case but get it away. trump challengers said the arrest reflecting on his boss l. >> member of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. yoim, that shont be complicated decision. : give people the benefit of the doubt when you see things or that are pretty clear from what i understand the video is clear. of course i would -- >> fields spoke out on twitter and suggest that her story had changed he responded my story
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stop lying. >> couple of other developments on republican side of things to it tell you about scott walker endorsed ted cruz and today john kasich is scheduled to visit the city he'll be in howard beach appearance. but big news continue os to be cory, he is due to appear in court on may 4th. ben and juliet, back to you. >> robert thank you. new york primary less than three weeks away why john kasich will be here and devoting more time in the empire state. >> fox 5 teresa priolo is outside the theater where hillary clinton is speaking later on this morning. good morning once again. >> we should clarifying her own empt and won't be part of amateur event although that is flashed on their marquee behind me. ignore that for right now. afameed apollo theater has played face to many before. hillary clinton will be after
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her website says, this will be fun ahead of new york's primary. >> it's the native new yorker against new york's former senator. and push is on for your support. ahead had eve new york's april 19th democratic primary. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are pulling out all of the stops with a race closer than ever clinton holding on to lead here in new york. and today kick off her new york blitz with an event at the apollo some polls here in new york show she's up 34%. but nationally, that gap is closing. the latest nbc news survey monkey poll shows 6 points separates clinton and sanders with a significant upper hand in delegate count. sanders is riding high after three primary wins last weekend. he'll arrive in town on thursday an campaign in the section of
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brooklyn that shows he has new york credit. with 24 delegates up for grabs there can be no missteps here and this comment from chief strategist has offended some folk. >> i think he's going to campaign like a brooklynite and campaign like a senator who, you know, repghted this state for eight years. >> new yorkers are left woarpgd what does that really mean with a lot to gain sanders had the debate in brooklyn and she won't do it unless sanders changed his tone. she was open to the idea. doors open out 9:30 and another big event at 6:30. we should mention she didn't pick this neighborhood by coincidence. harlem is one of the motion racially and socioeconomic diverse neighborhoods in all of this stain also median household income here just about 20,000 dollars.
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ta-ta. that's the latest from harlem morning. ben and juliet back to both of you. theater. a matsive tire tears through homes and we have video of that devastating fire. >> lives are up ended in a few hours. winston flew over o. and the call came in before 10 a.m. and spread to four buildings on either side of the house and eventually six alarms with 200 firefighters on scene. it was under control, about 1:30 a.m. but some of the damaged homes are now in danger of collapsing. 11 people were hurt including one firefighter. no word with yet on a cause. >> reactor at the indian nuclear power plant will remain shutdown after an inspection discovered bolts were missing from its inner lining. >> hear problems of a nuclear power plant but more than 2,000 bolts were inspected.
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further testing or in some cases they were just couldn't be tested because they were gone. just missing. energy corp. says problem doesn't pose a public health or safety risk. a state investigation is currently underway into the plant operation. >> they've had a number of big issues over the past couple of years. 6:11 much more still to come. audrey puente is watching weather for us a nice sunny day. >> big difference today from yesterday is going to be less wind. make it feel comfortable. right now rt stag off with a chilly 37 degrees but with sunny skies. expecting to warm up into middle to upper 50s today. you can track along weather with us to get daily it and hourly forecast by downloading our weather app "fox 5 ny" and find it free at the google play store as well as the itunes store. stay tuned. more of "good day new york" will be right back. make today smile with
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>> juliet is in mourning for her pants. >> maybe wear some buttery leather because it is chilly out there. >> hopefully this little thief. lunatic thief that stole my buttery black pants hopefully she fits into them. today is chilly. need an extra layer because temperatures are feeling cooler morning than they were at this
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middle to upper 50s across the tristate area that's about normal for this time of year but nowhere near our record 82 set back in 1998. all right right now we're in the 20s north an west like in poughkeepsie. sussex and monticello. at the the freezing mark in islip. 34 degrees in bridgeport and 37 in central park. like i just mentioned these numbers definitely colder than they were 24 hours ago. satelliting and radar shows nice and quiet. clear sky ises a beautiful sunrise out there. get out and enjoy it. high pressure keeps it nice and dry from northeast to eastern seaboard and then this area of low pressure will make its way to our area by thursday night and friday will bring shower activity for the end of the week. so until that happens, we're going to be nice and dry over next couple of days and temperatures are rising nicely we're actually above afnlg into tomorrow. look at the future cast shows plenty of sunshine for todays. a few high thin clouds by tomorrow morning and clouds will quickly thicken up. coming in ahead of the system to
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friday and much of thursday should be dry. here's the rainfall it will be here for friday morning's commute so be ready for that. but it clears out. out of here by friday night and dry weather going into the weekend. it will be dry today too with plenty of sunshine warmings up middle to upper 50s and 60s close by 70 with wet weather on tay and cooler, drier and clearer on saturday and sunday. that's a check of your weather. let's see the roads this morning. ines is back, with and she's here. right now route 808, route 19 watch out for an accident there. slowing things down just a bit. your commute in putnam doing fine. 684 see our cameras on staten island here's expressway by victory boulevard thingses are pretty good. no problem on eastbound side. the george washington bridge, very bright out there. love it.
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delays from 80, 95 express aive too to ten minute delay. no big deal. other approaches doing fine so is lower level. same for who'll lands. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. >> we have developments in egypt hijacking held for days. >> syed appeared in court in cyprus this morning. egyptian authorities say he's, quote, psychologically unstable and hiss hijacking was motivated by a family feud with his ex-wife. his explosion belt was peak and vengedders after a six hour standoff in cyprus. he told them, quote, what someone supposed to do when he hasn't seen his wife and children in 24 hours and egyptian government won't let him? nobody was hurt in that incident yesterday. >> meantime british man whoing took a photo with him is nots sure why he asked for it. okay.
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social yeetd that ben took it to send to police to let them know what was going on. however, turns out in just one of the photo he told sun newspaper he was trying to stay cheer fling in face of adversity. okay. well he was one of seven people kept on the plane for hours. look -- you know who knows what you would to in a situation like that i guess. he suspected bomb was fake so he asked for a photo and he got a flight attendant to snap the picture. that is surreal. whole thing is just -- yeah. bizarre. former speaker sheldon silver lost his license to practice law. he's been disbarred after fount guilty of corruption charges convicted in november many that corruption case and retroactive bitted. prosecutors say he traded favors in return for if nearly $5 million. the ex-speaker will be sentenced in april 37 >> apple store and taferght thief who is meads off
6:19 am
of iphones. police say the two robbers the tarted the store on two separate occasions. first time was back in february worth about $5300. second time last tuesday they made off with 59 phones worth 44,000. and in both cases one of the robbers disguised as apple work orer while other intractsd real workers so far no one has been caught. >> told you yesterday costume characters in times square could be contained to specific zones in that area. the city council set to take up a bill today that would allow the department of transportation to create designated zones in the city's pedestrian plazas. a public hearing is set for 10:00 this morning at city hall. the move follows a number of arrests for character harassing tours this will allow pedestrians and tourists to interact with them only if they would like to. all right much more still to
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the zika virus spread. one in three believe it cob shred by coughing or sneezing like kootd an spread u by mosquitoes. survey by school of public health at harvard found 42% of people look at that shot juliet did not know zika can be transmitted sexually. they say it could be linked to serious birth defects. all right it's oifer. >> thank you. >> giving breakfast in class did not increase academic achievement tone by the social policy at new york university. results also showed that obesity did not increase which was one of the fears in the program. about 400 new york city schools serve in class brk fast to about 30,000 students. the city will expand it to all buildings that house only elementary grades by the end of the 2018 school year. >> police released a photo of two wanted for installing debit card skimmers.
6:24 am
removing or placing devices on machineses at five different td bank branches one in brooklyn heights in queens they were in q garden hill. howard beach and jackson heights. police identified men as beau and if they have got any information call crime stoppers, 1-800-577-tips. the rats that just wanted to cuddle. >> there's video of a rat you're going to see him climbing in the circle there. there he goes. there he goes. oh, boy. this was a poor guy sleep on subway. we're not supposed to sleep on the subway. one of the reasons you might have things crawling on you not just people. happened on 7 train in manhattan posted on instagram by the very -- [laughter] very lazy tiffany lynn. he department want to get up and save this guy.
6:25 am
rat could have attacked the man. >> getting all of attention on instagram -- rng i take that back. sleeping passenger woke up with a scream after he realized what was going on. like right here? >> no, but i did wake up and me. let me tell you something. >> that will do it. >> did you move? move out of that apartment? >> no i was a little kid. my parents -- miami like they were everywhere. like this big. oh, yeah. >> top stories when we return plus -- investors keeping a close eye on wall street as stocks reach the high test levels of 2016.
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go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> happy hump day everybody 6:28
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yep, beautiful. beautiful sunrise, and we should have good skies throughout the day as a matter of fact. temperatures in the 50s and 30s now. but they'll be buzzing into mid to upper 50s later on today. audrey is here with the forecast. >> donald trump is standing by his had man. trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski has been charged with battery in a confrontation with a reporter but trump is defending his top aid. >> hillary clinton speakses at a campaign event in harlem today. teresa priolo is out there right now. bernie sanders has a rally in the south bronx tomorrow. new york's presidential primarily primary is april 19th. dow closed high fest level of the year yesterday. gain could continue today. dow future is up this morning. we'll have a live business report in just a moment. all right good morning everybody it wednesday i'm ben simmoneau. >> getting younger and younger. you have a wonderful wednesday everybody.
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as i did yesterday. >> somebody stole my pants when they fell on the ground. >> pant thief. no questions asked if your honor the pants. to juliet huddy there will be a $1,000 reward. >> no there will not be. >> don't want the pants back? >> no, i don't. you know, who takes pants that's the thing? >> a great story. it's hilarious. >> it's a very new york story. [laughter] >> don't drop those pants for a second. >> all of the people if you're watching why didn't you do anything about it? at least harken to the women. >> even act like they don't see anything? >> on the subway -- not on me. [laughter] rooght no one notices anything until there's something to grab and run with. >> you want to grb an extra layer. 20s north and webcast in
6:31 am
monticello. 30s across new york city and long island. these numbers are running colder than they were at this time yesterday about 10 to 15 on average colder than 24 hours ago so you want to bundle up. wind are better than yesterday. not as blustery and less wind makes for comfortable conditions this around. clear skies and a beautiful sunrise across the region. enjoy if you can. high pressure is in control or for northeast as well as much of the eastern seaboard. as it slides to the east tomorrow we have that area of low pressure bringing rain and make its way to our region but not until friday. until then sunny skies with temperatures in 50s. tomorrow we soar into u 60s. rain for friday and then looks like cooler, drier for saturday, sunday with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in 40s and 50s. that's a check of your weather. let's get a which can --
6:32 am
>> audrey southbound traffic slow two lanes blocked with an accident. l.i.e. dealing with normal delays but also a stall to grand central parkway affecting local lane there and express of course that's slow. go to camera and commute on long island no problems westbound. or eastbound -- if you're tag 59th street bridge upper and lower level doing fine. no problem with the trains. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> donald trump says he is standing by his campaign manager despite criminal charges of now been filed against him. rtle no, sir down in florida charged corey lewandowski with misdemeanor, battery and confrontation with a reporter. robert moses is in midtown with the latest on this strange -- yet again turn of events in the presidential race. hey, robert. >> beaming, good morning to you. we're just outside donald trump's home here on fifth avenue at trump tower. trump scheduled to make a couple of different appearances today
6:33 am
but for once it's not donald but for once it's not donald trump who is the bigs story. it's actually his campaign manager. corey lewandowski is charged with one count of simple battery. here is the tale of the tape this is security footage taken from one of trumple's properties become on march 8th that shows lewandowski grabbing michelle field who is at the time was a reporter with bright bart news. fields says since resigned now video does two things one it has field's account of the incident. shortly after it she tweeted a picture of bruises on her arm that she says lewandowski caused. ed video also appears to contradict lewandowski's account because he claimed he never even met fields. listen to trump's defense of his campaign manager and then to
6:34 am
>> you think it really hurts a good person and it would be easy for me to discard people. i stay with people. >> members of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. i mean, that shouldn't be a complicated decision. >> benefit of the doubt when you see things that are pretty clear from what i understand the video is clear. of course i would fire him. >> you heard there from john kasich we will see him here in the city today. kasich is scheduled to make an appearance this afternoon at 12:30 and u howard beach queens and i would say there's a very good chance that kay success will be asked about the whole corey lewandowski stop. latest from outside truch tower in midtown this morning. ben and juliet. back to you. >> very guilded trump tower. thank you very much robert. john kasich isn't the only presidential candidate in new york today. >> hillary clinton will kick off her campaign many harlem this morning. where fox 5 teresa priolo is for
6:35 am
good morning. >> good morning ben and juliet good morning. will be here at 11:30 doors open at 9:30 announce this marquee behind me and people are starting to get set up. this is an event free to the public open to everybody and it is a conversation that is supposed to be centered around wage inequality fitting that it is happening here in harlem. one of the neighborhoods in city that is most racially and socially economically diverse. had is just one of the event on clinton o calendar today she has a big event downtown later on. it is important for her to carry new york and to win big here in our primary coming up had. of course she served eight years as our senate. clinton holds a commanding lead over rival bernie sanders but nationally locked into tight race. as for sanders and for his part he's a new york native and he doesn't hide that especially with his brooklyn accent.
6:36 am
here in the empire state and he's really nipping at cloin ton heels. he's u due in town tomorrow and holding a big rally at a park in month haven section of the bronx. these two candidates are campaigning very differently. but their goal is the same. campaign like a brooklyn identity and she represented this state for eight years. chght that was clinton top strategist and they're asking what had did he mean by that in is that some sort of insult in no clarification on that one a possibility looms there might be a debate between sanders and clinton in brooklyn and no straight answer from clinton camp as of yesterday she said she was open to the idea so we'll see. latest from harlem. ben and juliet back to both of you. >> okay teresa thank you very
6:37 am
>> joining us from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti good good day on wall street. >> amazing. all because of janet yellen she said fed is watching global economic uncertainty an they'll go slow when it comes to you paying more on your interest, car loan whatever money you're borrowing that was good news. market ran with it. the dow up 3 days in a row up 98 point yesterday. up again this morning futures are sering by 90 points. certainly positive for the year check your 401(k) broader market positive for the year. nasdaq, however, is down 3% this yore. anyway, really we've had a nice turn of events. month is almost over. we'll see what the rest of the year brings. the start wasn't as bad as it was back in the beginning.
6:38 am
>> i did check my 401(k) and rebounded so market was down. lauren have you seen juliet black buttery letter pants? i saw her buttery leather pants. i stopped to hem them. >> thousand dollar award offered by juliet huddy. she will did a check. >>i'm sorry that's terrible. >> very new york. >> thank you very much lauren be sure to catch lauren on fox business network. >> guns on her. she's in such good shape. >> lifting that baby all over the place. >> she's beautiful. >> speaking of -- perfect figure. this one over here. >> lauren is good saw them event yesterday. she had her sleeve off. yeah. that arm envy for lauren. about all right folks thank you sweety talk about what we can expect today and temperatures
6:39 am
but difference from yesterday with seasonal temperatures. less wind today nice it feel more comfortable. warming it up tomorrow with high numbers in 60s and chance of rain as we go into tomorrow night into friday. so temperaturings today mostly middle to u upper 50s. let's see traffic ines what do we have? >> problems out there. that's saw county northern state parkway ruers of an accident blocking lane. normal delay on l.i.e. westbound as you approach glen cove u through that area. hudson river crossing new york bay extension to turnpike to holland tunnel expect delays by 14c. two blocked with an accident glass on roadways. if you're traveling from one and nine a five to ten minute delay. 495 with the lincoln tunnel. your normal 45 minutes. 30 to 45 inbound. george washington bridge upper level it's about a 20 to 30 minute delay. lower level ten to 15. trains good. duke is here with a look at sports.
6:40 am
big sports cast hear from john and matt harvey on the mound and suffering from a bladder infection and hear from the ace when we come back. plus entertainment news still to come. been waiting to get your pick with empire do not wait any
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>> checking headline reactor two at indian nuclear power plant shut down for self weeks after inspection discovered missing bolts from the inner lining of that reactor. energy corp. which runs this in point says problem does not pose a public health or o safety risk. >> 200 firefighter were called to bushwick brooklyn and eleven hurt including a firefighter. yet on a cause pl the flooght ordered days in cyprus. 59-year-old appeared in court this morning. he's psychologically unstable and hijacking in accident is hour standoff motivated by a family feud with his pex wife by the way that explosion belt was a fake.
6:44 am
rildz riddle of matt harvey. >> when you have tog, you should go. >> usually adults know that. you don't have to tell adults. >> don't hold it. monday was panicking. and scratch from the spring training start with a nonbaseball medical issue and taig the mound saturday night was very much in jeopardy that, of course, being season opener. everything will be okay. a blood clot in bladder able to pass it so it's all cleared now but it sounds painful and remain on track for season opener kansas city. here's what harvey had to say about it yesterday. >> section that created a blood clot in bladder. passed it yesterday wasn't great for the 27th birthday but e clear that, and then we have a procedure done this morning to check bladder and everything was
6:45 am
>> you do feel bad that he had to talk about this. because some things should remain private he's the met face. he had a medical problem. taking care of it. why do they have to not related to baseball and -- >> it was a tough decision but you feel for him. plan or for haver have i to throw two innings in port st. lucie and then stars is for real with harvey on the mount ins kansas city. this was a big one. team usa needing win against guatemala and qualify for the world cup in 2018. in the game team usa on fire. found back of the net four times. michael bradley, and all scored. wins it 0 and back on track and u.s. two becames left in qualifying round before september. in other soccer news team usa under 23 team lost 2-1 and fall
6:46 am
he is this summer in brazil. islanders and hurricanes tied at one needed a shootout and for the nice move and the win. win 2-1/4 place metro division between rangers and pittsburgh with a top stop in the wild card. devils taig bruins tie at one in the third. and new jersey is -- ripped one timer right there and they keep the faint playoff hope with a 2-1 victory. mets were in orlando last night and blown out 139 to 105. ouch. all right wwe superstar john hosting a brands new show here on fox called american grit. i saw an episode it looks awesome. premiers fox 5. it follows 16 of the country toughest men and women all of great stories as they face a variety military great and
6:47 am
seen in a group of elite military mentors with great stories. team up to push competitor to limits with up to a million dollars in prize money at steak. american grit a test of teamwork with and human spirit. >> you sound like you're giving a commercial. >> it is part of wrestle man ya 32 an haven't been part of it for a while and recovering from major shoulder surgery. not saying what his upcome oing involvement will be but i did ask him if he's going to take part. >> i'll be there. if it was up to me, i would be capitalizing the entire four hours was broadcast. from start to finish for the u viewers on network. i'm not sure. but i know that ills be there and in dallas.
6:48 am
i brought in january edition. a great feature of him in the magazine. with that edition watch what happens there. >> who would that be? >> muscle fitness in january i want to thank you for -- looks at this. look at this. hold on. >> on the cover -- >> no wait a second, this is the cover. >> id to out john was on the cover, and i was pumped. >> you know john -- closeup mutual pretend who helped me train michael hern and his grandfather played in major league for boston red soxing. you know, he's done so much for charity. >> number one make a wish guy. >> a really good guy. granted most wishes in make a
6:49 am
most requested too. makes sense. i colored him in small market tv in spripg springfield, massachusetts. would play all american. >> back in the day baby. they had a really good team. >> all right duke thank you for that. see you next hour. now the weather forecast. >> good morning to both of you. we're in the 20s to north and west and 30s in the city out across east end of long island so bundle up and a bit colder than this was at this time yesterdays. but big difference in winds relatively light compared to yesterday so make for more keivel feel across the renal. we have plenty of sunshine across northeast today. under the influence of high pressure which is going to keep us nice and dry and slides through the east it allow a rainmaker to come in from the west but that won't happen until late thursday into friday. until then plenty of sunshine for today and then tomorrow start out with a couple of high
6:50 am
kind of thuggen up as we go through the cay. rain should hold off until overnight into friday. but we could see couple of isolated showers late tomorrow night. a welt one across the renal and rain should exit in time for the weekend. for today we're anticipating plenty of sunshine across the renal. temperatures rise into middle to upper 50s later this afternoon and less wednesday it will feel much more kivel across area. tomorrow we're going to soar into the 70s and rain coming there pup over the weekend drier, sunnier and cooler temperatures in 50s on saturday and 40s on sunday. stay tuned, more put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it' s the world' s #1 choice. what pain? advil. >> good morning we're back. a lot of problems in new jersey this morning northbound by exit 3 two lanes blocked with aning. garden state parkway use local lane. express accident involving overturn. all subject to closure and fen counter delay and local are better options. camera with the newark bay extension to holland tunnel here. with that police activity 14c eastbound so heading to holland tunnel you'll encount they are delay off turnpike here. two blocked with aning and glass on road so that affected commute
6:54 am
all of this activity pulled out way. lincoln gwb. 30 on upper, 20 on lower. ben and juliet. >> thank you. thanks so much ines sad news out of hollywood. patty duke has passed away. >> well not from brooklyn heights from pretty close by. elm hurst queens. rose to fame after winning oscar for helen keller in miracle worker first on broadway and then film version and pathy duke show playing identical cousins she dealt with health issues often publicly. : also a proud mom. i had the opportunity to
6:55 am
when she appeared with mike and juliet back in 2009. watch. >> what does he do? >> he's a chef. yes, so you have a home cook. somebody who can cook for you opinion >> >>. sm gitd him into it an he's cooking or for us. >> come on out, kevin. [applause] he made you something, anna. you heard mike refer her to anna that was her births name but i guess when managers coopted her existence told her to change her name. >> they did back in the day died
6:56 am
intestine another celebrity gone way, way too soon. >> paints of story of a nonhappy had childhood but reinvent herself and found some kind of comforting success she was president of the screen actors guild later on in her career. so our thoughts wither had family. >> thanks to taif for bringing that tape back. all right get ready for more drama. lions den when "empire" returns to fox 5 time. >> you have to drag me out of here. show second season continues after dramatic fall finale and they have feuding to resolve. see what happens tonight 9 p.m. right here on fox 5. j you can soon own reebox and feature the same calf high support and velcro design.
6:57 am
played delaware kols out alien day. some theaters will be showing alien double feature. >> all right that is it for us. i see rose looking hot in her
6:58 am
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>> juliet is missing want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. >> oaks hello everybody it is
7:00 am
>> i'm rosanna scotto in for a mice spring day. sunny temperatures mid-50s. mike woods is taking a well deserved vacation, i guess. >> good for him. audrey puente has details for us. >> as we look at our competitive new york primary. bernie sanders, form orally brooklyn. hillary clinton traffic law in other places. they're battling it out here in noshing also donald trump, ted cruz you'll be seeing xan campaign commercials they're womaning to the new york market. >> meanwhile donald trump is refuses to say you're fired to his campaign manager after he was arrested. the campaign manager was arrested on battery charges. cory lewandowski grabbed a female reporter an he said basically he didn't seeing in happen.


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